What is you Functional Health Status?
Supporting Optimal Functional Health 
The foundation to improving or maintaining optimal health begins with understanding your "Functional Health " status. 
Functional Health 

We take a Complete Functional Approach with our clients!

The information obtained from our Functional Health Assessments provides you a precise look at your Functional Health Status. This includes a look at your systems and organ function based on the results from your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. We can precisely measure your Body Composition, weight, percent of body fat, percent of lean muscle tissue, percent of skeletal muscle tissue, and other vital information about your body composition. Our CardioScan HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Assessment, provides a detailed look at your arterial stiffness, Central Nervous System balance, and how you body is capable of managing stress.

This information provides our team vital information to help develop a personalized lifestyle program for you to following including the best nutritional plan for you and whether or not your organs and glands are functioning properly. Abnormal physiological levels are used as warning signs that disease may be inherent in your future.

Rather than waiting years or decades for a fatal disease to materialize, we can immediately curb problems through lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplemental support. Allergies and infections can also be picked up by the blood blood chemistry analysis.

The program will also give you insight on what foods you need in your diet and the appropriate quantities of that food. Supplements will be introduced to support your diet and make up for the insufficient levels of minerals and vitamins we consume today. Chemical pollutants, preservatives, additives, and cooking are all causes for a depleted level of vitamins and minerals in our bodies.

By taking a look at all three states of the human body and ensuring that a proper balance is achieved, our team can accurately educate you on how nutrition, proper supplementation, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle modifications  can improve your health and aid you in fighting disease.

Diet and exercise are imperative in achieving favorable health. After we target plausible causes for illness through our Functional Health Assessments, we will design a nutritional and fitness program specifically catered to your body and its needs.

Diets alone do not work. Every healthy person must adopt some form of physical exercise that consists of both weight and cardiovascular training. A healthy heart, decreased stress, lower cholesterol levels, increased energy, a faster metabolism, and muscular strength are benefits you will enjoy if physical activity becomes a part of your daily life. Our  team will create a plan that works into your level of fitness and busy schedule – and one you’ll stick with.

Our Functional Health Assessments work. Finding the factors that harm your body is essential and correcting those problems is imperative. Our  team will help you on the road to achieving a healthier and happier you.
What's the right Plan For You?
Online Plan
In-House Comprehensive Plan
Our Online Plans are perfect for those self motivated individuals on their journey to improved health who want access to information and programs that provide foundational and a personalized approach.

If you are sick and tired of trying programs and products that don't work, please join us!
The In-Office Comprehensive Plan offer those a complete personalized approach working directly with with our team for 6 months.

 Our practitioners have over two decades of experience and have helped "thousands" around the globe improve their Functional and Overall Health and Wellbeing! 
What's Included
What's Included
  • 24/7 Access to Best Wellness Solutions
  • Invitations to Live Webinars
  • Access to the Video Vault
  • Access to our 120 Days to Wellness Plan
  • Downloadable Wellness Protocols
  • Access to the Best Wellness Solutions online Recipes 
  • Discounts on Blood Work and Products
  • BWS Newsletter
  • Access to our Best Wellness Solutions Member Forum
  • Our 6 Month Comprehensive Wellness Plan
  • In-Office appointments with our talented and experienced team
  • Baseline and 6 month Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. (Over $6,000.00 of blood chemistry test)
  • Monthly HRV (Hearth Rate Variability Analysis) and BIA Body Composition Analysis. 
  • Monthly Personalized Supplementation Program (Products shipped each month to your home)
  • Invitations to Live Webinars
  • Access to the Video Vault
  • Access to the Best Wellness Solutions online Recipes 
  • BWS Newsletter
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