Our Founders
Stuart Hoover, PSc.D
Vohn Watts, PSc.D

I have been in the healthcare field over two decades and spent my initial years involved in Hospital Administration and the Physical/Occupational Rehabilitation field. Over the years I began to realize how rapidly health care was changing and there seemed to be little to no focus on wellness or prevention of disease, rather more advanced methods of diagnosing and managing a disease. Over 80% of chronic disease in our country including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, auto-immune disease and even cancer are preventable and directly linked to our lifestyle.

I knew there had to be a better way to address these chronic health problems and turned my attention toward the field of Complementary and Functional Health. Over the next few years, I noticed an incredible turnaround in my personal health as I began to implement healthier lifestyle changes. I realized that there was more to this exciting field and decided to redirect my career towards the Complementary and Functional Health Field.

After completing several degree programs in the field of Natural Health Sciences which include studies in Functional Nutrition, Herbology, Homeopathy, Bio-Energetic Health, Functional Health, Dietary Supplementation, Healthy Lifestyle Management and Pastoral Medicine, I founded Essential2Health in Springfield MO.  I practiced here for over 15  years helping thousands of clients. I also provide consultation and nutritional advice to several large nutrition and supplement companies along with co-hosting many national radio shows regarding nutrition.

Dr. Stuart Hoover is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) Doctor of Pastoral Science and Medicine (PSc.D).

Dr. Hoover also serves as the Director of Professional Services with Mother Earth Labs, Inc. the leader in Lignite Extract (Humic and Fulvic) charge nutritional products. Visit MotherEarthLabs.com to learn more.

I love being chiropractor at Body Synergy Wellness Center here in Warrensburg, MO. I love my profession and what I do. I like the idea of treating conditions without medicines that cause side-effects or resorting to invasive (surgical) treatment techniques.

The main technique we use includes hands-on, manual therapy techniques. This might include spinal adjustments (gentle, highly skilled, hands-on maneuvers to correct the vertebral segmental dysfunctions) or adjustments of extremities or maybe some EMS (electrical-muscle-stimulation) for soft tissue injuries. Although the most common reasons that patients seek out a chiropractor is to address lower back pain issues, headaches and neck pain, a chiropractor will regularly diagnose and treat a wide variety of muscle, tendon, sciatica, migraines, and joint issues, including athletic injuries.

Most new chiropractic patients can be seen the same day. After a small amount of paper work and an initial consultation, a problem focused exam will be performed to evaluate your condition. If it is determined that you need x-rays, the hospital is close by and works with us when our patients need it. We can write an order for you and you can usually get right in to have them taken. If, after all the information is gathered, and it is determined that yours is a Chiropractic case, we will discuss the results with you and go over the plan of treatment in detail before anything is done. We will then seek to address the issue through spinal adjustments or any of a number of manual therapy techniques that seek to alleviate pain and restore natural function of the joints, muscles, and tendons. If needed, we will lead the patient through rehabilitative exercises.

We may also work with the patient’s other healthcare professionals as part of a comprehensive, team-based healthcare plan.

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